• Matchmaking program for the aerospace supply chain in Sevilla
  • One conference day dedicated to the innovation & supply chain
  • Opportunity for leaders in the aerospace industry to meet with potential partners
  • Matchmaking program for the aerospace supply chain in Sevilla
  • One conference day dedicated to the innovation & supply chain
  • Opportunity for leaders in the aerospace industry to meet with potential partners
  • The Andalusian Aerospace Cluster will have the opportunity at Aerospace & Defense Sevilla 2020 to demonstrate their capabilities as the third largest aerospace hub in Europe and the second in Spain in terms of turnover and export. The Andalusian Government helps to maintain the strong position of the hub by participating in their projects, investment and infrastructure.

    Elías Bendodo Benasayag,Presidency Councilor, Administration and Home Affairs of the Andalusian Government


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  • Aerospace & Defense Sevilla 2020 will celebrate its fifth edition, already considered as THE national convention for the aerospace industry. At this forum, aerospace subcontractors, Tier 1 suppliers and international contractors will find associates, suppliers and new customers. The event will be held, as always, in Sevilla, the hub that demonstrates its capabilities by working in some of the most important European aerospace projects.

    Arturo Bernal Bergua,CEO of Extenda – The Andalusian Export Promotion Agency


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  • ADM Seville has become an unmissable date for the aerospace sector in our country. Airbus is committed to an ecosystem of innovation that will allow the aviation sector a more efficient, safe and sustainable development in the future. The dialogue is essential to guarantee our common goals and interests and, in this sense, ADM is a great opportunity for the sector.

    Jorge Caro, General Secretaty Airbus Spain


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  • ADM has been established as a showcase for the aerospace industry and as a platform to demonstrate the capabilities of our industry to the world.
    A space for identifying new opportunities to collaborate with subcontractors and to help build up a strong and reliable supply chain to address the exciting challenges that accompany our customers.

    Sergio Camps, Subcontracting Director, Aciturri


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  • ADM Sevilla is the most important aerospace event in Spain, which means an opportunity for Aernnova to meet with potential industry partners and increase our visibility abroad regarding technological capabilities in our country. As one of the top aerostructures companies in the world, Aernnova will be present at this ADM Sevilla 2018 demonstrating our commitment with technological development and Industry 4.0.

    Iñaki López Gandásegui, AERNNOVA CEO


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  • ADM Sevilla highlights the strength of the Spanish aerospace industry, as well as its contribution to a global sector. That is why Sofitec is Gold Sponsor of this meeting from its beginning. An event we attend to strengthen business relationships aligned with our expansion process.

    José Miguel Hernández, SOFITEC CEO


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  • The European aviation industry has an appointment every 2 years at one of its strategic poles. Without a doubt, ADM is confirmed as a reference event in the aerospace industry where companies have the opportunity to create medium and long-term relationships with the objective of increasing the global aeronautical industrial fabric. GSC will be present in the 2020 edition betting on the event, showing its capabilities, growth and supporting its main clients from the perspective of cooperation, development, digitalization and industry 4.0 as main lines of action.

    Juan Manuel Montaño,GSC - CEO

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  • ADM Sevilla is a must for companies wanting to establish or strengthen their business relations in the aerospace industry. In the Andalusian Aerospace Cluster, we believe in collaboration and work everyday to send this message to our members. That is why place a strong emphasis on this 2020 edition, which they shouldn't miss.

    Antonio Gómez-Guillamón, Andalucia Aerospace


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    2014 program

    June 3rd Tuesday

    > Welcoming session with:

    • José Sanchez Maldonado, Business innovation, science and employment counselor for the board of Andalusia
    • Miguel Ángel Morell - Military Aircraft HO Operations - Airbus DS
    • Ignacio Lombo, Test Pilot of the A400M

    > 15:00 – 19:00 Panorama of the Spanish aerospace market at Fibes


    June 4th Wednesday

    > 09:00 - 12:00 Face to Face Meetings / Workshops

    > 12:15 – 13:45 Lunch

    > 14:00 – 18:00 Face to Face Meetings / Workshops

    > 21:00 ---.---Gala dinner

    June 5th Thursday

    > 09:00 - 12:00 Face to face meetings / Workshops

    > 12:15 – 13:45 Lunch

    > 14:00 – 18:00 Face to face meetings / Workshops

    June 6th Friday

    > 09:00 – 15:00 Visits to aerospace facilities in Spain

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    Sevilla - Spain

    June 16-18, 2020