• Matchmaking program for the aerospace supply chain in Sevilla
  • One conference day dedicated to the innovation & supply chain
  • Opportunity for leaders in the aerospace industry to meet with potential partners
  • Matchmaking program for the aerospace supply chain in Sevilla
  • One conference day dedicated to the innovation & supply chain
  • Opportunity for leaders in the aerospace industry to meet with potential partners
  • ADM is an essential forum for the aeronautical sector. Airbus is committed to innovation, and together with our supply chain partners, we are committed to offering our customers smarter products and newer services. Airbus will be present at this fourth edition of ADM in Seville. There’s no doubt that it will again be a tremendous success and bring valuable insights to all attendees.

    Juan Silva, Airbus Representative in Andalusia


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  • ADM has been established as a showcase for the aerospace industry and as a platform to demonstrate the capabilities of our industry to the world.
    A space for identifying new opportunities to collaborate with subcontractors and to help build up a strong and reliable supply chain to address the exciting challenges that accompany our customers.

    Sergio Camps, Subcontracting Director, Aciturri


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  • ADM Sevilla is the most important aerospace event in Spain, which means an opportunity for Aernnova to meet with potential industry partners and increase our visibility abroad regarding technological capabilities in our country. As one of the top aerostructures companies in the world, Aernnova will be present at this ADM Sevilla 2018 demonstrating our commitment with technological development and Industry 4.0.

    Iñaki López Gandásegui, AERNNOVA CEO


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  • ADM is the sample of the capabilities and strength of the Aerospace and Defense sector in Spain and specially in Andalusia. Technology, knowledge and industrial capacity are determining factors in our industry and all this can be seen through ADM, a meeting place for exchange of experiences, strengthening, defense of the sector and development of new businesses. The experience of Carbures in the ADM for years has served to consolidate the company as a global leader in the sector, as it is a meeting point with the main global agents.

    Javier Moreno, General Manager Aerospace & Defense, Carbures

  • ADM Sevilla highlights the strength of the Spanish aerospace industry, as well as its contribution to a global sector. That is why Sofitec is Gold Sponsor of this meeting from its beginning. An event we attend to strengthen business relationships aligned with our expansion process.

    José Miguel Hernández, SOFITEC CEO


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  • ADM is the ideal platform in Spain to engage the aerospace industry and find out the latest innovations across the supply chain. As the sector continues to evolve at a rapid pace, it’s important that we use these opportunities to showcase the latest solutions that can enhance efficiencies, but can also disrupt traditional mindsets, so that we are best prepared to meet the challenges ahead.

    Andy Middleton, President, Stratasys EMEA



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