• Matchmaking program for the aerospace supply chain in Sevilla
  • One conference day dedicated to the innovation & supply chain
  • Opportunity for leaders in the aerospace industry to meet with potential partners
  • Matchmaking program for the aerospace supply chain in Sevilla
  • One conference day dedicated to the innovation & supply chain
  • Opportunity for leaders in the aerospace industry to meet with potential partners
  • ADM Sevilla is the occasion which will bring together the aeronautic industry at the business event of the sector in Southern Europe. ADM Sevilla represents a further step in aeronautic development by the government of Andalusia. When reliance on upon big projects, investment and infrastructure is paramount in order to continue building the region up as one of the principal aeronautics centres in Europe.

    Antonio Ramírez de Arellano López, Economy and Knowledge Conselor for the board of Andalusia

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  • Airbus Group welcomes ADM Sevilla as the platform for agile and innovative aerospace initiatives.

    Pedro Montoya, General Secretary, Airbus Group Spain

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  • In a World that is turning increasingly complex and uncertain, searching new opportunities through innovation, collaboration and collective intelligence is a MUST. Andalucía, with its strong footprint in the Aerospace sector, and the ADM in particular, offer a unique venue for companies to look for these opportunities in the Global Market. With these foundations, we shall work on common objectives to prepare our universities, factories, technologies and innovation programs for the next challenges to come.

    Francisco Javier Sanchez Segura, Head of Manufacturing Engineering & Industrial Innovation, Airbus Defence and Space - Military Aircraft

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  • ADM has established itself as a benchmark event for the entire Aerospace and Defence industry in Seville. It is the appropriate forum for exchanging experiences, sharing opportunities and, through these, generating business and therefore value for the companies and the community. From ALESTIS we hope that ADM will be a success and we encourage customers, partners and suppliers to participate actively.

    Javier Díaz Gil, CEO Alestis Aerospace

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  • ADM is the main Spanish aerospace event which enables us to demonstrate the technological capabilities of our country. For us, this technological platform has allowed us to take a step forward for the history of the Aerospace & Defense industry in Andalusia. Not only this, but ADM represents a unique occasion to make our name heard amongst global companies and at the same time presents us with professional challenges which in turn help us in our continual development.

    Iñaki López Gandásegui, AERNNOVA CEO

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  • ADM has been established as a showcase for the aerospace industry and as a platform to demonstrate the capabilities of our industry to the world.
    A space for identifying new opportunities to collaborate with subcontractors and to help build up a strong and reliable supply chain to address the exciting challenges that accompany our customers.

    Sergio Camps, Subcontracting Director, Aciturri

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  • ADM Sevilla demonstrates the unquestionable value of the knowledge industry in Spain.

    José Miguel Hernández, SOFITEC CEO

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  • For leading companies, first tier suppliers and contractors of the aerospace industry worldwide, ADM Sevilla represents one of the best platforms to meet the aeronautic supply chain. A business forum fit to identify new partners, suppliers and clients who, in turn are working on some of the biggest aviation projects in Europe.

    Vanessa Bernad Gonzalez, CEO of EXTENDA - the Trade Promotion Agency of Andalusia

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  • ADM Sevilla is a leading event for the aeronautics, space and defence industry, and participating in such an event gives TEDAE— association which gathers the major companies in these three sectors —great satisfaction.
    ADM Sevilla has become a major international platform, where aerospace and defence companies present their latest advances, technologies and products. With each new edition - with more than 400 companies from nearly 30 countries present this year - the event has gained momentum until it has become what it is today: an excellent forum where participants can make contacts and exchange experience, and where Spanish and international industries can find suitable partners to move forward with their technological and business initiatives.

    Adolfo Menéndez, President, TEDAE (Asociación Española de Empresas Tecnológicas de Defensa, Aeronáutica y Espacio)

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