Inmaculada Gomez



Inmaculada Gómez

Sustainability Expert/ Experta en sostenibilidad en la aviación





Inmaculada Gomez is an international PhD in Environmental Sciences with over 15 years of experience, works as sustainability expert at SENASA since 2007. She has been manager of the EU Biofuels Flightpath and coordinator of the ITAKA project, demonstrating the use of alternative fuels on aviation in Europe. She is member of the working group dealing with strategic research agenda for Energy and Environment for aviation ACARE, of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Fuels Task Group and co-leads the SAF task group of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC). She has worked on the design, implementation and operation of the EU ETS for aviation in Spain as well as in the elaboration of the Spanish Emissions Inventories (GHG and other pollutant emissions). Besides working at SENASA, she has been professor of Environmental Economics, Environmental Education, Climate Change Mitigation and Landscape planning, and worked on several research projects focused in the design of environmental market measures for sustainable development in Spain and Latin America.



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