MAY 14-16 | 2024 - SEVILLE | SPAIN 
The only matchmaking program for the aerospace & defense industries in Spain





Elías Bendodo Benasayag,
Presidency Councilor, Administration and Home Affairs of the Andalusian Government

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    ADM Sevilla 2022 is a unique business platform that the Andalusian Government and the Andalusian aerospace cluster are promoting together, in accordance with the classification of the aerospace industry as a strategic sector. A&DM Sevilla enables the global industry to learn about the business and investment opportunities offered by Andalusia, one of the main aerospace hubs in Europe, and the second region in Spain in terms of turnover, employment and exports, in the sector.

Arturo Bernal Bergua,
CEO of Extenda –  Andalusia Trade and Foreign Investment

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    In its sixth edition, ADM Sevilla has established itself as the reference event for the aerospace industry in Spain, and the most important in Southern Europe. An event that, for the first time, will be held two years in a row! It is a unique forum in which the plans for the launch of the European aerospace industry, following the pandemic, will be presented, and the projects in which the Andalusian and Spanish aerospace cluster are participating in.

Jorge Caro Airbus

Jorge Caro,
General Secretary Airbus Spain

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    Airbus participates in the sixth edition of ADM Seville as a driver of European unity and cooperation to safeguard strategic autonomy, security and independent access to space.

    Airbus has a clear commitment to the future of the Spanish industry paving the way for future strategic capabilities and programmes.

    As pioneers of a sustainable aerospace and defence industry for a safer and more united world, at Airbus we are advancing in our aim of decarbonisation, involving our value chain to reduce our environmental footprint, one of the main axes of this new edition of ADM Seville, an unmissable event for the aerospace and defence sector.


Ginés Clemente,
, Aciturri

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    Ten years after its first edition, we have renewed our commitment to A&DM. Once again providing our support to the event that has become one of the main references in the global calendar of aerospace industry meetings, bringing together in Seville the main players in the sector.
    At this particularly relevant moment, this event will again allow us to show from Andalusia the strengths of Aciturri as a TIER 1 in the aerostructures business, and as a supplier of engine components and to share our long-term commitment to the development of a sustainable industrial project with the necessary capabilities to consolidate the return to the path of growth.

Iñaki López Gandásegui,
President, AERNNOVA 

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    ADM Sevilla is the most important aerospace event in Spain, which means an opportunity for Aernnova to meet with potential industry partners and increase our visibility abroad regarding technological capabilities in our country. As one of the top aerostructures companies in the world, Aernnova will be present at this ADM Sevilla demonstrating our commitment with technological development and Industry 4.0.

Eduardo Manubens Weinreich,
 Head of Business Development & Strategy, GAZC

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    A&DM has become a key event in the aerospace industry throughout the years. The event offers a wide range of high-quality conferences while enabling prospective businesses the opportunity to connect with the most relevant partners through the B2B meeting program.

    GAZC has been attending A&DM since the start and this year will strengthen its support as gold sponsor. As with previous years, GAZC will take this opportunity to demonstrate its latest developments while our team meets with current business partners and potential clients to support our sustained growth strategy for future years to come.  

José Miguel Hernández,

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    ADM Sevilla 2022 is back as great news for Seville and its all aeronautical players. Sofitec has been supporting this event since the beginning and we are proud about our commitment with it , especially in its 10th anniversary.
    ADM Sevilla is a unique meeting point for Sevillian Aerospace Industry to show worldwide we´re back stronger.

Antonio Gómez-Guillamón,
Andalucía Aerospace

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    ADM Sevilla is a must for companies wanting to establish or strengthen their business relations in the aerospace industry. In the Andalusian Aerospace Cluster, we believe in collaboration and work everyday to send this message to our members. That is why place a strong emphasis on this  edition, which they shouldn't miss.

Juan Manuel Montaño,

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    ADM has set to be along the last years in one of the most awaited points of convergence for aerospace professionals in southern Europe. From Grupo Sevilla Control (GSC), we look forward to meeting and engaging with potential partners as well as showcase our aerospace products and services. It will also be a great opportunity to analyse the lessons learned over the COVID-19 pandemic and shape the future of the aeronautical industry.
Umi Aero

Antonio Ramirez García,